Saturday, January 21, 2023

The Gita 500

It’s not that the future is predetermined but there is no future. There is no time. There is awareness being self-aware. It’s not even spontaneous as such, as ever-existent.

Somehow, through the preeminent paradox called maya, this ever-existent satcitananda appears to be a process of self-forgetting and self-remembering within a manifested spacetime.

The driver thinks this track possesses a starting gun and finish line. But the race is already won. The way is unborn, ever-existent, and just a joyful whole. 


You can call me consciousness, you can call me existence, you can call me ananda aum, the joy of being whole.

Basically the ancient one first determines what the absolute must logically be to be truly absolute.

Then anything not absolute in nature (the absolute being obviously unborn, immutable, not suffering) must be an illusion, for the absolute is never not the absolute.

(The search of self to find the Self never ends. Like that mirage I saw on I-40 in New Mexico didn’t exactly end. But that coyote disappeared as I suddenly saw through it.)

The big bang is as much a story as the book of genesis. And there are no end times. There is no time.

The absolute is pure consciousness (another name for pure consciousness is awareness [another name for impure consciousness is that mass of consciousness experiencing those three mutable states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep—call this red hot mass Aham the I Am]). 

The absolute is ever and all existent. I am, therefore I am the absolute. Or Atman isn’t Brahman.


Advaita vedanta is like logic laced with metaphor or paradox spiked with revelation.

Sanskrit is to Latin as tatvamasi is to dominus vobiscum et cum spititu tuo.

The thing about nonduality is it only exists within duality. Believing otherwise is not nonduality, but more duality. Nonduality is not a belief. It’s an antidote for belief.

It’s all in that same old ancient line of never knowing what one is, but only knowing what one isn’t. Such is the nature of the mind’s kind of knowledge.

On the other hand, true knowing is being only. For being doesn’t merely know the absolute. Being is the absolute.

When one becomes one with any object or action, one isn’t one with its name, form, or meaning. One is one with that satcitananda upon which such name, form, and meaning is a giant superimposition.

a technicality and note of thanks

tonight's handwriting has been manifested by a christmas-gifted lamy al-star ex-fine dark purple fountain pen with a new year's monteverde usa blueberry muffin ink.

smoke on the water, a fire in the sky.

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