Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Welcome to My Paraverse

Consciousness knows everything except reality. For reality is consciousness and self-awareness is its dream state.

So living in the world is like suspending disbelief in a movie called self-awareness. Actors never die. Movies do. Myth is the script.

So religions sell myth. It’s not easy writing your own. For example, in advaita vedanta, vedanta is religion and nonduality is disbelief.

My myth is self-awareness, my disbelief is nonduality, and my religion is the loving personality. My poetry is my bible. Happy birthday number one daughter!

end notes

1.1. not only does consciousness know everything, it causes everything.

1.2. for the sea surrounds the island. the island does not surround the sea, says hafiz.

2.1. in the first place, you can't get there from here.

2.2. li po plays all along the watchtower!

3.1. if story is super brahman, myth is parabrahman.

3.2. i'm advaita america.

4.1. see the reflexive universe, spot. see the mandukya, jack kerouac.

4.2. love is all.

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