Tuesday, October 26, 2021

That Self-Awareness Show

In self-awareness, the self-shining consciousness of atman is the self, the absolute brahman is awareness, and maya is the hyphen.

And the universe is the reflexive space surrounding this said hyphen. Consciousness falls into a deep sleep and dreams a way out.

Awareness witnesses self-awareness whereas the mind sees only one side at a time. As Zhuangzi says, for every this there is a that.


1. kalpayaty-ātmanātmānam-ātmā devaḥ sva-māyayā

~Gaudapada K2-12a (tr-chinmayananda)

2. there are seven states of consciousness: light, nuclear, atomic, deep sleep, thought, form, enlightenment.

3. see Julian of Norwich. again.


Self-awareness is where the science meets the metaphysics. Self-awareness is where maya works.

I’ve been trying to put the paradox of self-awareness into words and maya was there all the time.

The snake is a rope but a rope is a rope is a rope. All metaphors must end. The true physicist works in nonduality. Atma deva sva maya.

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