Friday, October 1, 2021

Aum to Zeno

Zeno proves this universe isn’t real and not vice versa. Thus Zeno is a litmus test for religious materialism.

The waking state affirms the dreaming state. This is the first law of manifestation.

Seeing through desire is knowing biblical intent. This is the second law of manifestation.

Enlightening intent is the god of negative capability. Call me Shiva. I’m third law of manifestation.

As I was saying before myth broke in, you can't get here from there if you’re already here.


Earth’s the right place for self-awareness.

Deep sleep is the first state of maha-maya-consciousness and not the last.

As the mind appears in consciousness, dreaming is the second city.

It’s Friday night live!

Therefore I tweet.

Manifestation is just projection of this play called self-awareness.

Watch me now!

Awareness watches; self-awareness plays. ™

As desire is love in translation, all translations leave a lot to be desired.

All fogs lift.

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