Saturday, October 23, 2021

Epistle to Natural Consciousness

So-called personal consciousness is filtered consciousness but most people been down so long they think it’s natural consciousness.

Let’s define our terms. Personal consciousness receives everything. Natural consciousness projects through everything.

One is natural consciousness, but ordinary people think they’re just this personal consciousness produced by the body somewhere in the brain.

In this vein, natural consciousness is not ordinary to such people, but natural consciousness appears to be almost supernatural to them.

Communicating this paradox is why there’s gods, friends, and devils. You know the devil of every detail but one. God is consciousness.


1. Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me by Richard Fariña.

2. Personal consciousness is the universal cause. Natural consciousness is beyond all cause and effect. I am that I am.

3. Scientific materialism is just a religion whose personal god is named scientific materialism. Dear eight pound, six ounce, newborn baby big bang. So cuddly but still omnipotent.

4. Beyond natural, maybe.

5. If jiva is atman, and atman is brahman, then brahman is jiva. Let the circle be nondual.

end notes

I am of the opinion.

Reality is consciousness minus mind.

Energy minus resistance is aum’s law.

Do the math.

Old math, new math. Real math is experiential.

Because numbers are the new names, tao is also numberless.

Tvam am tat.

Prajnanam brahma, ayam atma brahma, tat tvam asi, aham brahma asmi.

The self of self-awareness is brahman.

Another name for self-awareness is maya.

The world is just a cross-section of self-awareness.

I went to the crossroad and fell down on my knees.

If atman is the self,

and brahman is awareness,

maya is the self-awareness.

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