Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Game Show

The snake sees through the snake.

All awareness witnesses is self-awareness.

Atman, brahman, and parabrahman walk into a fine establishment and words are spoken.

Who are Tao Chien, Hafez, and Juan de la Cruz?

Affirming, denying, and reconciliation, like immaculate conception, deconstruction, self-awareness. What is the power of three?

First there is a jeopardy, then there is no jeopardy, then there is.

Is it self-consciousness is, or are, the foothills of self-awareness?

The duality behind nonduality is self-awareness and that's no duality at all.

If atman is this self in self-awareness, and brahman is that awareness in self-awareness, parabrahman is awareness.

The poetry of paraverse is my devotion to this inquiry behind all self-enquiry.

To trinity, trimurti, triangle, and all my pyramid scemes—

may Turiya be with you.

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