Saturday, October 16, 2021

On Natural Apprehension. Commentary in Paraverse on Gaudapada K1.15.

Deconstruct misapprehension. Forget non-apprehension. Just know natural apprehension.

There’s no curing the common cause. You always know yourself. You’ve identified with something else.

Knowing natural apprehension is the direct path. Ekātma-pratyaya-sāraṁ. That’s not just awareness, that's oneself, bliss.


1.1. and do not forget i too took this road and still swear by the four agreements.

1.2. non-apprehension was never born. like social conditioning, or maya.

1.3. the guru, written or unwritten, only leads you to the wine. hafiz, drink it for god's sake!

2.1. if not-knowing is the first disease, knowing is original ease and non-doing.

2.2. leaves fall, a tree abides. trees die, the earth abides. the earth disintegrates, the sun abides. the sun implodes, black brahman abides.

2.3. the self is always witnessing self-awareness. people, all manner of things shall be well.

3.1. from superego to immaculate conception to universal consciousness. aum.

3.2. akāra ukāro makāra. waking dream, dreaming dream, dreamless sleep.

3.3.1. awareness is often mistaken as attention. the mind attends the senses and its memories. awareness affectionately witnesses. this is why we speak in threes. see satcitananda. islands of happiness appear and disappear in spacetime. bliss is that in which the sea of spacetime is appearing.

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