Friday, December 12, 2014

A Sermon on the Sunset

At last, the sun will set a minute later on this evening. 
It’s not the solstice yet, and daylight lessens still 
because the sunrise still is later too, 
but when the light is dim 
we tend to grab at what we can. 
Such is the way of the world. 

Unmindful of what we really are, 
yet subliminally aware of what we are beyond appearances 
and its precipitous diminishment within the mind, 
we blindly latch upon whatever object, 
physical or conceptually otherwise, 
that helps to fill the gap we intuitively know exists. 

It never works, of course, 
because the gap is both an infinite one 
and nonexistent on the very same occasion. 
Similarly, the sun is never really setting. 
Its light is ever-present, omnipotent and diamond bright. 
It’s just the world that’s in the way.

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