Monday, January 10, 2022

My Myth of Self-Awareness


Before self-awareness dawns, there is the night of unawareness.

In this night of unawareness, knowledge is ignorance, up is down, and nothing is real.

But because there is no night, for the sun is always shining, and night is just an occlusion of planetary ignorance, truth within this so-called night appears to be a paradox.


In my myth of self-awareness, mindfulness is a misnomer. Call it awarefulness instead.

Absolute awareness is singularly self-aware. The nondual dominion of this self-awareness is so powerful and glorious, it appears to be.

And being begets mind. Mind begets division. Division begets suffering. Suffering begets deconstruction.

Deconstruction removes the thought of being identified with the mind. And this mirror of awarefulness reveals my self-awareness.


the myth of the reflexive universe calls this unawareness, the molecular.

belief is molecular thought, religious or materialistic. obviously especially materialistic.

in the logic of understanding, the name of paradox is maya.

definitions matter.

the subject, to be self-aware, must become an object first. and in turn, the object deconstructs itself, voila!

apres la friction of fiction, the all-consuming fire.

that the sun identifies with any of its planets is to cry! and that the sun dis-identifies with earth is to laugh.

a good myth contradicts itself.

logic and paradox and contradiction, oh my!

and pointers too!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

My Self-Evident Fool

Some believe the big bang came from nothing.

Materialism, in the end, is just another brand of nihilism.

And some believe that one is nothing, not knowing nonduality is not your father’s nihilism.

Forgive them for they’ve only learned to hate themselves.

Because the mind can’t understand a thing without beginning, it substitutes unknown eternity with nothing.

I am putting forth the proposition here: the absolute is not some nothing.

Unseen, inconceivable, unthinkable, indescribable, peaceful, blissful, and nondual—the absolute is that.

My dear fool, you are not nothing. The absolute is self-shining consciousness and so are you.


big science investigates the trick. self-inquiry is about investigating the magician.

i wonder why nondual nihilists always have to have the last say.

any concept without beginning or end is not a concept. therefore, to the mind, it's nothing.

first, consciousness is not a product of the mind. this is just the magical thinking of materialism.

second, the mind is the tool of consciousness in the great intent of self-awareness. obviously, you're not a tool, are you?

third, absolute awareness is self-shining consciousness. therefore, by the transitive property of equality in mathematics, i pronounce you that.

the snake is nothing; you're the rope.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

On One True Knowledge

Not to be unduly philosophical but true knowledge is not epistemological but ontological instead.

Knowledge is not about information, facts, and other data stored in memory,

nor their manipulation, interpretation, or presentation, but being only.

I’m not saying there’s not a place for words. Deconstruction and indication are fine for what they are,

in negating false knowledge and pointing to the one true knowledge which is wordless.

Monday, January 3, 2022

On Dream and Illusion, Ghazals and Sonnets. On Abiding and Non-abiding, Lightning and Thunder.

All transmission is depending

on a point of view.

If that point of view is absolute,

nothing is ever born

and the world is

like a lucid dream.

If this point of view is relative,

then the world is an appearance.

One may ask then what’s the difference

between a dream and an illusion.

I only know a dream

as I'm awakened from it.

I know illusion

when I'm not.


knowers know, teachers teach.

no method, no brick in the wall.

a dream is not a dream if not awake.

it's only magic if i don't know the trick.

on a technical note, advaita becomes religion when ajativada is vivartavada.

on a mythological level, ramana maharshi represents the return of the force.

on another technical note, shankara without gaudapada is not shankara.

on another mythological level, nisargadatta maharaj represents the further tantric illiteratization of the force.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Self-awareness in So Many Words

Some call self-awareness—realization, enlightenment, awakening, or other words of wisdom, all of which will fade in time with some semantic change or other.

To further clarify, self-consciousness is to self-awareness as a snake is to the proverbial rope.

Self-awareness is the simple knowing what one, as the absolute self, is. This isn’t the psychological self-assertion of an egoic self, nor the philosophic nihilism of some selfless self.

Also, self-awareness is neither scientific nor religious. It’s not about the terminology of your belief. It’s all about experiential understanding, in so many words.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Of Alienation and Mind, Ghazals and Sonnets

The time has come to talk of mind.

The so-called experience of self-awareness is the immediate and direct understanding

that I am absolute awareness.

Without the mirror of the mind, there is no suchlike understanding.

Shen-hsiu says the mind is like a mirror; keep it clean.

Hui-neng counters that the mirror is so innately clean, there’s not a place for dust to land.

Awareness, consciousness, and mind are not three separate entities

but the nondual trinity of self-awareness.

Such an obvious mistake in understanding is to be expected

in an immature mind still in the adolescent throes of identifying with itself.

There are one-hundred billion stars in this galaxy alone.

By my calculations, one million of them have at least one planet with life upon it.

But of all of these, there is just one with intelligent life.

They’ve been contacting us for quite some time.

Monday, December 27, 2021


There’s nothing but

awareness being

self-awareness is

the mind of being

seeing that.


the mind of being


being of the mind.


the words of being


the words of mind.

That’s all she wrote.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

On Christmyth Night

To identify with the mind is to identify with a dividing apparatus. O eternal one, to live by the mind is to die by the mind.

Again, grasshopper, the mind is a tool to be used by love. For love is the hand of being, and being is the heart of intentional self-awareness.

Tonight, the myth is strong with this one. Don’t believe what’s being said. If an arrow strikes, there’s the heart to follow. But if it doesn’t, then as you were, private.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

This is Neither Nihilism nor New Age

Postmodern nihilism is negation without indication

and indication without negation is the essence of the new age.

Negation is self-explanatory.

Indication can be a pointer, paradox, or myth, to name the basic trinity.

This is that one hand clapping at the play.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

At the Revelation Station

Sleeping-dream to dreaming-self is like a daily reincarnation.

And sleeping-dream is like the city station where being asleep goes to catch the next train out.

O mama, at the city station, there’s a diverse population of visions, phantoms, and ghosts awaiting to be born again.

This melody is all about one being asleep, sleeping dream, dreaming self, and self-awareness, sugar.

Some say god is the absolute limited by eternal wisdom.

Some say deep sleep is where the goddess goes to lose this wisdom in the lotus rose of self-awareness.


if there's only one being asleep, there's only one dream for the living and the dead.

no one ever dies. there's just a new dream waking.

one being asleep is to molecular structure; as sleeping dream is to growth and organization; as dreaming self is to action satisfaction understanding irony, absurdity, and detachment; as self-awareness is not this, not this.