Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Walrus was Brahman

Dreams are real within the dream but reality is permanent

whatever state of consciousness is now appearing in oneself.

Consciousness does not experience space and time

as much as space-time appears in consciousness.

I’m not going from Tokyo to Boston in August 2007,

as much as Tokyo, Boston and Tanabata is appearing in myself.

It reminds me of that old one-liner;

wherever I go, there I am, goo goo g’joob.


Change is unreal, am I right?

There are three states of consciousness but seven gods.

And one consciousness to witness all.

It’s a small holographic world after all.

If you can’t escape yourself, be yourself,

Basho yawps while riding on the back of a turtle.

Past, present, and future are just other names for three states of consciousness.

If the personal is conditioned consciousness, and unconditional consciousness is absolute awareness, then this is that—

Maya is the name of self-awareness.

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