Monday, November 29, 2021

The All-important Karika 2-12

If the Mandukya 7 is the most important verse in Karika 1, then K2-12 may be the most important in K2:

12. The self-effulgent Self imagines Itself through Itself by the power of Its own Māyā. The Self Itself cognises the objects. Such is the definite conclusion of Vedānta.

Svamayaya, through Its own Maya; devaḥ ātmā, the self-effulgent Self, Itself; kalpayati, imagines; Its own ātmānam, self; in the Self; as possessed of different forms to be spoken of later, just as snakes etc. are imagined on rope etc. And in the very same way It Itself budhyate, cognises; those bhedan, objects; iti, such; is vedantaniścayaḥ, the definite conclusion of Vedānta. There is nothing else (but the Self) as the support of cognition and memory; nor are cognition and memory without support as is held by the Nihilists. This is the idea.

~Gaudapada with Shankara's commentary (tr-Gambhirananda)

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