Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Crow Caws Maya

If absolute awareness is self-aware,

and there is no self-awareness

without the mind,

and consciousness is

the stuff of self-awareness,

and the mind is a tool

appearing in consciousness,

but the mind is lost in the cause

and effects of sleep and dreams,

then consciousness

as intentional self-awareness

is calling consciousness

as willful mind

to attention.


1. if absolute awareness isn't self-aware then it's not absolute awareness.

2. the mind does not deconstruct the mind. the mind deconstructs identifying with the mind.

3. picture self-awareness as a word balloon in the sky.

4. non-apprehension and misapprehension oh my!

5. if free will means misidentifying with the mind and suffering within its dark gears of long division, and predetermination means following one's bliss in the conscious light of intentional self-awareness, what real choice do i have my love?

end notes

first, reality is not religious, obviously.

second, the godhead is one without a second, obviously.

third, there is no second person but only i, obviously.

"the eye through which i see god is the same eye through which god sees me; my eye and god's eye are one eye."

if nobody heals the body-mind like consciousness, who heals consciousness?

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