Tuesday, November 9, 2021

On Eka Jiva Vada & K3-5

Practically out of nowhere, in his commentary on Gaudapada K3-5, Chinmayananda defends his eka atma vada (one consciousness) vs eka jiva vada (one dreamer). Unaware of this division in advaita previously, I love his audacity, even though i'm an ejv man myself. No other translation I am reading touches on this here. This is why always triangulate translations.

The difference between religion and truth is people.

A religion needs people to support its power structure.

There are no people in truth.

Just as everything appears in one consciousness, everyone appears in one dreamer

Ramana says, “The dreamer alone exists and he sees all.”

Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Subhuti, do not kill the buddha. Kill the bodhisattva.


religion runs on soylent green. america runs on dunkin.

that there are no people in truth is an under-appreciated radical aspect of both ramana and nisargadatta when seen against the power structures of advaita vedanta.

the dada in me loves that there's a name for this experiential revelation: eka jiva vada.

one dream is all there is. let's call it mesa verde.

in the mesa, there's a canyon. and in the canyon, there's a kiva.

in the kiva, there is sacred space. and in that sacred space, there's a mesa.

in absolute awareness, there is self-awareness. in self-awareness, there is being.

in being, there is memory. in memory, there is forgetting.

in self-remembering, there is sudden self-awareness. call this maya verde.

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