Monday, November 29, 2021

Snake Charming

From Venus, earth looks like Venus.

There’s mind and there’s identifying with the mind,

like there’s a car and there’s some phallic symbol.

This is why consciousness is soliloquizing consciousness.

At the risk of repeating myself, consciousness

as intentional self-awareness is calling

consciousness as willful mind to attention.

Lucid dreaming is seeing through the snake.


if point of view is everything, then who am i?

in the world, love is the hand of being that swings the mind.

consciousness is not asking consciousness to be or not to be.

consciousness is telling consciousness to be.

only the mind can entertain the thought of not to be.

forget it snake, it's maya town.

never forget that lectio divina is not about the mathematics of intellectual understanding but intuitive experiential being.

even advaita is a myth.

in duality, only nonduality is truth. without duality, there is no nonduality.

absolute awareness has self-awareness. self-awareness has being.

being has a mind. the mind has a dream. 

the dream has sudden enlightenment.

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