Saturday, November 20, 2021

Reality Umbrella

Through this picture window, my legs are like trees and my head is headless.

A sea of consciousness is rising through the heartwood like a sweet delicious life force!

Self-awareness is like a fountain if that fountain falls beyond the limits of the universe like some reality umbrella.

Yes, awareness is self-aware in a nondual platonic way. Après self-awareness, la maya.

Sleep of trees and dream of birds, breath of hawks and sea of skies, double double, snake and bubbles.


1. there is no footnote on the play. the pass is experiential resulting in first down.

2. transformer is transistorness.

3. there's this slightly annoying delay in the android twitter app which suddenly occured after the pay option was installed. what does the internet call this?

3b. let me make this perfectly clear. i am not on the pay option; the pay option is devil twitter.

4a. gaudapada's paradox:

if the world is real, reality is dead.

4b. gaudapada's law:

reality is not dead. i am unborn.

5. neither eye of newt nor triangulation be.

to live lucidly outside the dream, one must be honest.

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