Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Great Debate

My truth is my resolution. Your truth is my refutation and rebuttal. It's nothing personal. Call this deconstructing one’s projection.

Personal deconstruction is an affirmation of knowing as well as negation of conditioned consciousness. Call this my kicking stance.

Three great distractions to self-awareness are argument, evangelism, association. These are the major organs of any organized religion.

In questions concerning truth, there is no one but oneself, all utopia, consciousness-raising, and guided meditations notwithstanding.

At most, it’s like a subtweet.

Conditioned consciousness prefers not knowing. This primal fear is at the heart of all nihilism.

Love is all there is. There is no other.

I saw the mind destroyed by mad utopia, angel-headed consciousness, and the machine shops of meditation.

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