Saturday, July 25, 2020

talking this ouroboric universe

Disidentifying with its tool, consciousness is free to use the mind for some divine imagination.

As consciousness is the expression of the godhead, mythic imagination is the expression of consciousness.

Thus, personal deconstruction, mythic imagination, and spontaneous revelation is the trinity of self-awareness.

Any form of nihilism is self-awareness interruptus. Like fundamentalist religion, scientific materialism, or being stuck in deconstruction.

The trinity of mythic imagination is loving, paradoxical, and poetic.

just because i'd misidentified myself
with this tool of mind for a spell
doesn't mean the tool itself is bad
or useless

and revelation
is expression
of divine

the rise and fall of empires,
lucid dreaming,
and the backwards big bang black hole

myth devolves into belief
and not vice versa.
atlantis is drowned by religion.
it's a mythic metaphor.

no division. no logic. no users manual; just pointing.

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