Tuesday, July 21, 2020

talking peaks and sea

The mind is a creature of time. Reality is not; in fact, many people say that truth is timeless. And consciousness is measureless and bliss is thoughtless.

Many people call this trinity satcitananda. Expressing reality in ways other than negative capability is the point of all authentic myth. But it's a razor's edge that walks between the heaven of religion and abyss of nihilism.

Many people say that mystery is not a logical word for describing truth. But myth is not a scientific field: it's paradoxical at its essence. Also universal and poetical. But scientific materialism hates love, denies true myth, and is fundamentally unsound to ears that hear.

Many people say there are two ways that go by many names. Call them deconstruction and love. Like two sides of a coin, miss one, miss both. It's rivers and mountains, not rivers or mountains. Form is transformation and vice versa. Peaks. Sea.

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