Friday, July 17, 2020

talking being healing number one

if i identify with a body, who is the i identifying, why does one identify with something in the past, and how does one identify with transformation? can a concept conceptualize conception? being sees through every thought, see? as the great edward g. robinson says.

if spirit, being, consciousness is the one identifying with the body-mind, then why not skip the middleman and identify with consciousness instead? the mind is made for deconstruction. consciousness is all about self-inquiry. only i can ask who am i. this is the heart of the paradox called non-duality.

consciousness is the nondual expression of the great unknown, noumenon, absolute godhead. self-awareness is god's poetry. and how crazy is it that the flame doesn't know it's the flame but thinks it's the wood instead on fire? truth is beauty and love is the first law of self-awareness.

the mind just hates the fact that love knows more than it does. emphasis on mind as hate and love as knowledge, beauty, fact, truth. not division. does deconstruction come before love or does love deconstruct? got moon. intuition is real memory.

never forget intuition. consciousness is self-healing. deconstruction is anti-bacterial. social conditioning is the original virus. your myth may vary. pain is a message from the body to the mind for attention. suffering is the mind keeping the message to itself. only consciousness heals. your medicine may vary.

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