Thursday, July 23, 2020

talking bhakta

In this 21st century schizoid culture, scientific materialism is the last grand concept to be deconstructed and almost never is.

On the one side of this razor's edge is fundamentalist religion and on the other side, big science, the two great nihilisms of the world today.

And nondual materialism is the ninth circle of scientific nihilism. I'll take my Tao with Sufi, thank you very much. And jnana is to deconstruction as bkakta is to bodhicitta.

In a world of science, one must double-down on love, my love. Love is nothing personal, to say it in a scientific way. Belief is nothing but.

Wisdom is Lao Tzu. Love, Chuang Tzu. Laozi is Zhuangzi. Look, my granddaughter is the latest guru in my collection. And if it wasn't for my daughter, I'd be dead.

another name
for the force is love
starry love
if religion is the fall, big science is the dead cat bounce
nonduality is
the greatest koan
postmodern deconstruction is easy. love is hard.
my greatest karmic
guru has been
i can't imagine
a more efficient way
your life may vary

all politics
is local;
division is
the function
of mind.
love is the universal heart,
my love!

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