Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Rabbit Hole to Snow Owl Dune Tantra

The rabbit hole of thought begins in its utility believed to be identity soon searching for the hidden whole—

the mind dreams because consciousness is dreaming this reflexive universe. Call this Self-awareness of the Absolute.

For no thought is being and being being is the knowing of the unknown noumenal godhead ground.

Memory, thought, belief, only no thought survives the turning, being, being being, self-awareness

like reverse remembering. November memory is—this medicinal haiku—snow owl dune.

1. Chuang Tzu prescribes uselessness above all.
2. the universe is mythic before it was scientific.
3. in the name of no thought, intentional being, and absolute self-awareness.
4. cave, crow, priest, monk, consciousness, consciousness only, self.
5. being being is natural healing like be here now.
a. uselessness is the measure of true science.
b. exercise your consciousness at least three times a day.
c. the only ice cream is self-awareness.
being useless, useless, useless being

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