Saturday, November 2, 2019

psa: awakening is not automatic

The religion of scientific materialism believes the absolute unknown shall soon be known! Forgetting the absolute unknown knows now.

Releasing personal beliefs blocking universal kundalini understanding is the cure of Consciousness only.

Note the older these beliefs the more this kundalini cure is thought to be like death.

Letting go of control is letting go of effort. Thought is automatic; love, nondoing. Don't confuse the two. Physician, love thyself.


1. Scientific mathematical materialistic atheism thinks it’s on a mission from their God. Yawp, I am God.
2. understanding is to kundalini as thought is not to belief.
3. the more effort is expended to prevent an event horizon when none is needed.
4. it’s all wu wei no matter what one’s point of view. thinking is automatic, a chemical admixture of generational belief, like a rabbit hole made from conceptual dna. and love spontaneously happens. like satori.

a. the roman empire and the force.
b. myth is universal mantra. history is so one-sided either way.
c. blowing smoke circles is the art of breathing in.
d. self-awareness is intentionally creative.

thought wars
consciousness is colorful, belief is black and white.
experiential eternity, natural infinity—
thought is a tool; love is an identity.

consciousness only, thought appears in consciousness,
and violence feels like a kundalini blockage—
consciousness is the healing of ten-thousand summers

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