Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ocean Sky Tantra

Embody water, carry sun—
sunlight being apple core volcanic understanding.
This, that is, the black whole, quantum Tao.

And being Being is I am I Am as Being is this known Unknown.
The black whole / white heart of self-awareness is
individually universal but universally, the healing.

Haiku California take two
Trappist Big Sur hillside
blue sealight


sunblood lava lava rivermoon
being being is the tantric expression of the noumenal tao
consciousness is not the best medicine
consciousness is the only medicine
Crescent City to Hermosa Beach—Zen and the Birds of Appetite—this park bench

the earth’s core is to the whole sun as a faraway star is to a futuristic black hole
confessional poetry 101—lately, i prefer to do nothing, unless i’m sure there’s two consequential things to do

consciousness has a dream—the absolute has consciousness

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