Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tantra the Midnight Sun

In the spirit of the superguru sun of truth, consciousness, and the energetic way—

if the body-mind is a transistor amplifying consciousness to eleventh levels of self-awareness, I am the sun of that absolute black hole.

Here's the story. Deconstruction stopped at the light. No thought now. Being is the energy of knowledge.

Mid-June sunrise on Frenchman Bay is never setting—midnight feeling

she wrote me these footnotes
Emily Dickinson before Apple swallowed her—
the zennish point of science fiction is science is the latest fiction—
atheism and nihilism are lords of the dead and god lives—like frodo—
whiskey tango foxtrot batman—
wild nights wild nights—the wild night is calling
—what in the world am i?
yours truly, sun tantra 

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