Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Let the Circus Be Unbroken ©

Consciousness lost in thought is the material world. Imagine consciousness is an ember burning in belief. And ashes, the world.

Consciousness is that omnipresence of an absolute godhead knowing I am and apparently forgetting intending that omnipotent self-awareness.

Consciousness is to life as thought is to dream as pure awareness is to consciousness. This is the unbroken circle of self-awareness.

Deconstruction actually follows enlightenment in some alternative universes—November clarity requires the luster of summer.

As silence requires the bell of sound to know the silence, transformation is the point. The earth is hydrologic. Follow the photosynthesis! 

1. dis-identifying with thought is the actual definition of deconstruction. ancient sunlight 101.
2. you say god’s procedure. i say the process of god.
3. an actual footnote: see the great myth of the self-reflexive universe according to arthur m. young.
4. emptiness is to transformation as November is to May as odds are ten-thousand to one I am still appreciating my lucky streak

guy fawkes haiku
really november
silently remembering
half moon lake

psa. true medicine tastes like consciousness tastes to your pre-prohibition point of view.
psa2. western scientific big materialistic medicine believes that consciousness is a product of the brain but never proves it. this is my prophecy!

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