Friday, November 15, 2019

Sun Tantra

Outside the world is ashes but inside burns the wild expression of the absolute godhead—the sun is like a black hole on fire with consciousness and planets appear

like secondary worlds within this individually universal affectionate awareness. It's like this. Materially, nothing happens. Spiritually, everything happens.

If thoughts are clouds and consciousness is the sun, that great unknown is only known in being that unknown. Contemplate the sun within! Consciousness is consciousness—

no matter what level of belief one is seeing with. For seeing through thought is third turning; after memory and belief comes deconstruction. But being the sun behind the clouds is the fourth and final turning.

Yes, being being is the tantric expression of the noumenal Tao. Listen, thought is the tool of divine imagination and identifying with the tool is the second act of every play.

Third act is call me up an intermission. And the final act is the nondual expression of that that great unknown, that noumenal potentiality, that absolutely self-awareness.

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