Saturday, October 12, 2019

contemplating 101. experientially i.

"Not thinking I fully know nor not know, it’s thus known." Without a myth to live, like Bartleby, I'd be preferring not to.

But knowing one's being as the only knowledge needing to be known is seeing through this need for myth tonight.

In contemplation, all I know is this knowing I am, in fact, I am this ‘I am’, and further, the I of this ‘I am’ is that original I within this contemplation.

Even experientially, the I is absolute. That is pure awareness. It’s also called direct enlightenment. The sun of science says black hole.


psa. being there are ten thousand causes, anything is the cure. just turn one.

psa. pain may mean there hasn’t been an honest change in way too many months. so try changing something at least every month. consider the names of the moons as suggestions if you haven’t got a clue. every season is a brave new world. each person is a rebel without a cause.

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