Wednesday, October 9, 2019

symphony nine. the godmother. for agnes.

Consciousness knows that matter appears within Consciousness despite what matter believes. Scientific deconstruction of belief can't deconstruct the Consciousness in which it is appearing.

As religion is the old belief, postmodern humanistic western scientific big materialism is the new belief. Only Consciousness is the knowledge that truly deconstructs.

Look, Consciousness is the nondual expression of the noumenal absolute potentiality. As love is the hand of Consciousness and mind its tool, divine imagination is constructing self-awareness to original intent.

Like Zen, first deconstruct the antichrist of one's delusional conditioning. This is called indirect persuasion, or sutra. Attending to Consciousness is called direct cultivation or enlightenment. Tantra.

Three weeks of anything deconstructs belief but a single sunrise is embodiment. Four suns are nondual expressions of black holes as I am. Nine the name ground zero being self-aware, I am That.

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