Thursday, October 31, 2019

Hallowed Ghost

A person doesn’t have consciousness. Consciousness has a person. Only the absolute has consciousness.

Consciousness has a dream like a person has a dream but the dream of consciousness is the person.

Consciousness is not a dream although it is conceptual. Consciousness is the immaculate expression of the noumenon

and all phenomena appear in this expression. Just as the mind awakens from its dream each morning

consciousness awakens from the personal. And as consciousness awakens to consciousnessthe absolute is suddenly self-aware.

Merely resting in consciousness, the personal I-am, good friend, dissolves material belief. Like October mysteries in November wind.

1. the god of consciousness takes it stand in the god of the absolute noumenal unknown, sweet jesus!
long haiku two
expressionistic consciousness is dreaming
the person and the person dreams
the mirror of absolute self-awareness
3. a story uses words but the word is not a story
four the absolute expression is life and dreams appear in life (concepts are the ten-thousand words but consciousness is the breath, first word)
sometimes a fifth myth. self-awareness is an omnipresent feature of the noumenon, consciousness is the heart of that intent, love is the hand of this being, mind is my absolute mirror.
psa. consciousness is not the best medicine. consciousness is the only medicine.

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