Saturday, October 19, 2019

indian love song

To begin at the beginning is no beginning at all. To begin is just a thought. There's nothing wrong with that.

But thought is not the hand of the heart that holds this storied tool of thought. In fact, the heart is knowing no beginning.

Only the mind undoes the mind. And personal deconstruction isn't deconstruction if it doesn't suddenly spontaneously stop.

Nihilistic mind is such a wasteland of the mind. There is no experimental now without consciousness.

This is the immaculate fact that scientific mind necessarily forgets. The Cheshire Cat is calling this just that.

PSA: Loving fear is sudden healing through direct medicine. The great spirit of the way confirms.

song song psa squared
duality is all about the fear and desire
this nondual way has two paths
love the fear. deconstruct desire
beauty is truth, truth beauty—that is all
on the bonnie bonnie banks o' loch lomond

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