Saturday, April 29, 2017

Transcreating Christ:
Christ Consciousness is Non-volitional
and All-encompassing

How does Christ Consciousness come to be?
It's as if we humans cast seeds in the ground, 
and while we’re sleeping and rising night and day, 
the seed is springing up and growing in a way
we're not aware, for the earth is executing
without our doing a thing—first the blade, then the ear,
then the full grain within the ear. And when the crop is ripe,
one is sending for the sickle presently for the harvesting.
And to what shall we compare this Christ Consciousness? 
It’s like a mustard seed—
which when planted in the ground is the smallest
of all the seeds on earth. But once the seed is sown, 
it rises to become the greatest of all the greens,  
and puts forth its all-encompassing branches
where even the birds of the heavens take refuge.

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