Friday, April 7, 2017

Blowing in the Wind of Universal Consciousness

The mind remembers I am
and I awake from the calling to be self-aware—
the dude abides like I in New Unicity.

Repeat after me: I am being self-aware—
to consider this my mantra while I’m playing inside space-time
like an Anthony in the North End.

Meanwhile, Science has cut the Universe into two and wonders why
it can't find a universal theory combining relativity and the quantum field.
I am being self-aware.

Meanwhile the left side of the brain doesn't get
what the right side of the brain is thinking.
Yes, I am being self-aware.

The circumference of a circle destroys the concept of diameter. This is
why pi is an irrational number—some have named this myth, Ouroboros.
O I am being self-aware.

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