Friday, April 7, 2017

as if there is a tree to fall

As paradoxical statements disprove logic,
so are the days of our lives.

A daydream is the most powerful dream—
this mighty truck of wave-particles feels so real
like a pie in your face for being a sleepy bull frog, Basho!

Imagine sacrificing dreams to love.
Imagine unconditional love and it will appear—
like some field of dreams.

Like all western medicine, the world is
the manifestation of ecstasy
in chemical separation.

I have been one to pay attention to
those little workaday moments of satori
as if acquainted to the night.

Search for Jack Kerouac and Robert Frost.
Begin with Birches.
End at Big Sur.

Either be
or just imagine what it’s like not to be—
I'm playing Nisargadatta Maharaj or Ramana Maharshi.

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