Saturday, April 8, 2017

my religious instructions

to be
is I am without
remembering I am.

the practice is remembering to be.
the schedule for this self-remembering is
the only practice that needs to be followed religiously,
although most religions soon forget this.

self-awareness is the crown of my creation
but I shall only know this
when I wear it.
and thus i wear it so religiously.

in awakening,
as realization is not abiding,
one practices self-remembering religiously.
but abiding enlightenment is absolutely irreligious.

there is no separation but one knowing.
there are no gods nor an electorate.
there is no duality but polarity and laughter
arising from the valley spirit—

o consciousness alive and being present,
this essential sense, this love,
this source of heart and fire,
and all before my birthday!

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