Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Black Whole

Compassion is the default position of seeing.

Being is the only known.
Only being is known by the unknown.

If being is the only known,
and only being is known by the unknown,

then there's truly nothing
but being.

A mountain rises from the sleeping giant.
The sun is speaking from rare air.

The sun is my heart.
And I am that black hole from which the sun shines.

As the earth knows itself to be the sun,
the sun is an embodiment of that great black hole.

In this world, the language of the black hole is
the words of revelation.

Between divided emotions lovingly awaits deep sleep.
Or enlightenment in some translations.

Picture the sun as the source of the body
in tangerine clouds of absolute sky.

There's the unknown.
I am. And evolutionary intent of mind.

One not busy translating is a busy body—
urge urge urge of the procreant east.

For the discerning, 
the intelligent, the intensely questioning.


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