Monday, September 26, 2016

One Late September Morning

This morning was as close to frost since early May. 
The sun which now appears within this picture window
warms the living room in a different way than summer sun,
reminding me I’ve built a shelter for the lack of one.

When the weather in September changes,
the change I feel is not external nor objective,
but this vital breath, this subtle feeling that I am, this seeing
affecting transformation in its universal earth-bound being.

There’s nothing but this sense of one,
affectionate awareness, easier done than said,
but being is conditioned otherwise to see myself instead as some display
divided into colors, thoughts, emotions, play.

In fact the world is not in battle, bloodshed, conflict, war.
The wind is not unfriendly, frigid, spiritless, far.
I am merely being in and breathing out—
of this I have no second thoughts about.

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