Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ode to Affectionate Awareness

Ordinary is to time 
as nothing is to space—
conceptual pain-killers.

Being is beyond space-time
and so dangerous to personal attachments.

Resting in being begins
in the universal and eternal
and ends in the infinite and timeless.

O nothing and ordinary
is to universal and eternal
is to infinite and timeless
as personal is to being is to absolute.

Simply put,
we are conditioned to think personally
despite feeling universally—

like looking at my sometimes great surroundings
and experiencing beyond a notion
all is one

Being is what love feels in-between the lines.
Affectionate awareness is such a wise and lovely name
for this essence of experience.

This affectionate awareness is the new frontier.
This not a thought, this feeling, this affectionate awareness.
This intuition is a two-dollar word for this affectionate awareness.

Revelation is the existing space
between ignorance and projection.

is to the personal
as affectionate awareness is to being
as revelation is to pure awareness.

Deconstruct the personal.
Feel the universal being.

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