Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An Acadia Love Musical


Like a feeling but not an emotion.
Like attention without a thought.
Affectionate awareness isn't nothing 
as being isn't something.


That which appears to be the universe is universal being and
this knowledge known as being is just that.

And love is the sign of universal being to be followed like cairns
upon a fogbound trail on this rocky ground high above tree-level.

And fog so thick one has to walk past the last cairn to a point of almost-
no-return before the next one is discovered—this is called further.

Imagine this newborn matrix in affectionate awareness is
conditioned to perceive my self as something else.


Conditioning is an original error 
passed on thru generations
and love is the sign of my self—
the missing of the mark is not following it.

This is called sin.
And often misunderstood as 
an act against another.
There is no other.

There's only self, 
confusion and the way.
Hiker. Fog. Trail.
Conditioning. Sign. Self.


Meanwhile the big bang is the earthling name for like half
of the singular wholly process of godself knowing godself.

And the chorus sings love and attention,
love and attention, love and attention.


Acadia; Act Five, Scene One: after
crawling up the desert rock western slope
suddenly seeing an eastern sea and sky
in blue panoramic ultra high definition.

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