Monday, June 29, 2020

in no name

the body is in the time of the mind called memory.

the mind is in the space of consciousness called universe.

consciousness is in the unknown black hole of awareness called

noumenon, godhead, parabrahman, absolute, self, no name for tao.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Surrealistic Topiary

Self-awareness is like the light bulb
and it's cartoon speech balloon
exclaiming self-awareness—
and all the letters are boldly imagining
they are doing the talking.

The leaves of the trees are forming
my green projection of Ganesha
caressing my old third eye
with cures from the hundred acre wood.

When living in the land of three,
there's emperor, ice cream,
and being one with thee.


absolute awarenesss is naturally self-aware. this self-awareness appears to be an evolutionary universe within its being.

one is love and one is projecting love. but belief is the funhouse mirror.

there are thirteen ways way of one being raven

being the unknown is written in the stars

the mind is made to deconstruct itself

doctors born from doctors only know the rituals

Yuan de Yepes y Álvarez is before the cross

jesus was not a christian as albert einstein was not a materialist

neither took a side

as soon as they think you are born, they condition universal consciousness, nondual expression of the unborn absolute, to believe it was born, too

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Dancer Knows the Dance

Transformation is default, where emptiness meets form and so on and so on. As consciousness is the song of the godhead, transformation is the dance.

After the dance descends into its worldly stance, it must return as dance again, before reviving as the dancer. Else the stance usurps an absolute position.

But jump blues are not about the suffering. They're all about the joy of being after seeing through the suffering. Calling the whirling dervishes of self-awareness.

Belief usurps the absolute but thought can't dance. Surrender to the siren song of consciousness.

Get lost in the dance of transformation. Self-awareness is this ecstasy of ouroboros.

The dance of idleness is the crown of creation. Silence is the name of the dancer.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Summer Solstice Sutra

From thirteen minutes to solstice, reality dreams. Emptiness is dream etcetera.

Pure-awareness being self-aware unifies myth with theory. Like Dogen and Darwin.

A person doesn't have consciousness. The noumenal has consciousness and consciousness has a person.

The summer solstice is implying leaves will fall, trees die, earth erode, the sun implode, black hole of winter.

Sudden enlightenment requires thought as survival of the fittest requires prophecy. Bilbo loves.


any omnipotent godhead of pure awareness is also self-aware. naturally, this self-awareness appears to be an evolutionary process as viewed from a conceptual point of view. but from circumference, not really.
consciousness is the language of the noumenon as self-awareness is nondual expression of absolute awareness 
never try to reason with a paradox. consciousness and pure awareness are nondual like an ouroboros is the one.
self-awareness is a dream as pure awareness is not experiential as form is unborn and emptiness is transformation
lucid dreaming is true dreaming. although nirvikalpa samadhi is always an alternative.

conception is not a bad thing. like the world is not wrong.
the world hurts because the one divided wants to own what it loves. greed is not knowing love is not a thing to be possessed. fear is not knowing one is love.
the present is the future projected on the past
one rests in idleness as nirvana. one sits and stands as samsara.
the world is my projection as it is according to my deconstruction
without the noise, i never would have known the silence
if consciousness is genesis, self-awareness is apocalypse

meditation is tricky. like life or death.
many people will catch meditation but only a few will die from it
belief doesn't kill. it sleeps.
if you see through the world, the world won't see you
deconstructing the world is the very point of a liberal arts education
the business of business school is business
be true to the school that doesn't postulate you be true to it

feel it. don't try to reason with it.
to tame a horse, one is one with it. who is teaching whom?
most inspiration is mistaken as skill
planning is to effect as cause is to spontaneity
all people rationalize whatever happens
it's called taking a side
most people would rather die for a cause than to live as an effect
make affect not effect

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Featuring the Summer

Almost summer solstice green the sun is rising later in the morning consciousness focuses photosynthesis in the twilight's cobalt turning.

The great intent of consciousness is focusing awareness back upon itself in self-awareness dreaming this quicksilver mirror in the summertime.

The fall is not wrong as spring is not right. Winter is the ground of wisdom as summer is the god of love. Being is the heart of evolution.

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Pure awareness reflecting in focusing consciousness is to space-time, as body-mind is to hard memory.

They say the bodhisattva saves the world by knowing there's no world. God knows I'm not a bodhisattva. I know there's no one but myself.

Identifying with the space between and not the face of Gregory Samsara in the mirror is happening one morning.

The revelation that the world is only in my head and all I know is this knowing space I name myself, is like the thunder.

After the abyss reclaims itself, there's an echo like ecstatic wine, good loving and song on the northern rim of the canyon.

In this streaming play of consciousness, there's sleepwalking, lucid dreaming, and inhabiting the character. Inquire within.

Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

as absolute awareness retracts consciousness, there's an ecstasy

call this ecstasy self-awareness

can self-awareness be induced. this is the secret behind all alchemy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Love River

There's nothing bad about desire. There's nothing wrong about explosives. Handle everything with love.

No one sells their soul. People buy securities. Like the psychological equivalent of opium, you can never build your high high enough.

Desire lost within a world of thought is highly explosive. This desire in being called enlightening intent is the sword of self-awareness.

More money is spent on marketing than the military. They say a good defense is a good offensive line.

Forgiving oneself is like the sacrament of rebirth. One is born into conditioning now reborn to that which is never born.

There's so much green June along this river of desire I can hear the people of the Merrimack naming it swift space of consciousness.

Here’s non-doing as it works in human beings. You've already decided what you're going to do. In fact, it’s already done.

People spend the so-called space-time in-between rationalizing why. Being stays in the lane of love and follows its direction.


desire is a dirty word in any empire, be it religious or scientific

even true desire is subject to its selling out like any objective billionaire

kerouac called his bodhisattva dean moriarty and not some nameless holmes because desire in postwar america is exploding like james dean clear off the silver screen

political speech is ninety-nine percent conditioning and one percent repeat

universal consciousness is naturally compassionate towards all conditioned consciousness. sometimes we cry.

the summer solstice takes forty days and forty nights. day five is learning this by nightfall.

the free in free will is actually a verb

unfollowing rationalization, one follows oneself

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Reality Maps

Appearance, consciousness, awareness. Two, one, zero. There are many names for this experiential trinity.

There's many symptoms but there's one cure. Know thyself. No need to overthink it.

Another name for tao is great intent. Another name for conditioning is terrain. A stream of consciousness runs through it.

If you want to make your stand in my reality, it's now or never. Bring your own myth.


father, son, and holy spirit is the old new. awareness being self-aware is new new.

If emotion is love filtered by a thought, 
and no-mind reveals the light of being, 
there’s no need to seek the psychological. 
Seeing through all thought is a direct path.

love is the hand of being. being is the heart of intentional self-awareness. self-awareness is a feature of absolute awareness.

in the land of thought, there is no now. but right now, there is no thought.

every thought believed is pathological

thought is your tool and not vice versa

i'm not leaving notes for you; they’re for me. 
my memory isn't what it used to be. 
you're welcome to them though. 
it helps me writing thinking 
they’re for someone else.
oh i find love works best that way.

if every theory is in consciousness, and awareness is the ground of everything, self-awareness is the theory of everything.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

See Change

Change appears to be gradual from great heights. But in the valley, change is the current mood of the river.

There is a time to tell it slant and a time for telling. After the sea change comes the first wave.

As one who has known deep sleep, I can tell you dreams are neither wrong nor right.

Whatever will be has already happened. Look for ripples from the so-called future and call them signs.

Thus the last world war was virtual. Spontaneity may be timeless but its manifestation makes a sound.

Memory is notoriously unreliable. Prophecy is as trustworthy as the trust I have for my heart.

June 6th is the first day of summer by my calculations. Dogwoods begin to flower. Look for Ursa Minor.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Night of Trinity

Begin at the beginning is just another way of saying consciousness is monarch. Am I awareness, being, and intent, butterfly?

If unity is necessarily fascist and duality is inherently violent, then any holy trinity is obviously magical.

This is why the best of empires are political. One who's busy taking sides is never three.

Three is parent, child, and evolution. Three is wisdom, love, and tantric in-between. Three is word, sentence, paraverse.

This is when a natural metaphor appears. I hear the motorboats along the tongue of river sandbar beneath the half moon turning full.

wearing a mask in a pandemic is like wearing clothes in society. believe me, you want me to.

any decent trinity is first sign of nonduality

no sides but sideways

666 is a manufactured trinity of mere belief. being is 333...

dreaming 101. to know a trope when you are one, know first what a damned trope is.

in other words, a figure of speech

self-awareness is my job. suffering is leisure time.

conditioned consciousness believes one is separate from the universal. first there's pain and this is why there's pain. basically, it's the second noble truth.

idleness, idleness, idleness

maintain body. entertain mind.

being be

suffering, separation, being, idleness