Saturday, February 8, 2014

profisee 44 - the great wave off the absolute

human civilization is
just this slight crazy detour
in the universal evolution
of light returning to light—

there's no fixing a detour;
there's just getting back on the way—

before the great wave returns to the sea,
it curves, breaks,
and crashes in upon itself—

in this way of the great wave,
the wave comes to know it’s a wave,
the false knows it’s the false,
and only the truth of the sea is


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Merrimack River Nows — selected - Dec 2013

Dec 1
hawk eye looks within the high slack tide mirroring a wild december sky and cries ten thousand miles of recognition

Dec 3
trawlers docked at the newburyport waterfront and a clear river running high tide blue back to its open mouth and the maw of the sea

Dec 6
king high tide swelling at the seam of low climactic shores

Dec 7
river keep on flowing, winter sun keep on lowering

Dec 10
first, three white swans appear on the river. then a light snow begins to fall

Dec 13
afternoon sun flashing on the first ice of the winter, vast slabs flowing downriver in the aftermath of deep tidal fracturing

Dec 19
an airboat maneuvers through an archipelago of ice floes—buffleheads dive beneath a photovoltaic array of suns—the winter solstice looms

Dec 20
ice floes riding tide upriver—loons diving toward reflections—eagle chasing eagle

Dec 24
above the lonesome christmas eve impassive river—three birds of prey

Dec 25
delicate blossoming ice like wild mercurial chrysanthemums

Dec 31
the graceful sail of another eagle, another year

Friday, January 31, 2014

sunderance philharmonic pseutra

the wise one points back to the earth while the idiot howls at the moon

any holistic directions for personal benefit maintains the person which is inherently divided—

true spiritual instruction arrives from being and is directed to being without any personal benefit whatsoever—

unconditional love is the fool that doesn't know how to divide—

we create each character in this dream and when one fails to act its part, we hold it responsible for not playing the role we created for it—

it’s remarkable how one may understand the non-volitional role each has in this dream, yet still rant against another’s actions—

when the false is deeply fathomed as false, all action initiated from the false is drained of its font of energy—

as if one could divide the undivided into sides and take one—

the mind is a dividing machine incapable of conceiving the nondual—

turn the mind machine off and rest in the pure electricity of being—

only pure being is informed in the buzz of truth by the potentiality of its source—

a great paradox—the false doer often takes the shape of not-doing—denying the spontaneous moving of the heart by logical control of the mind—

a great confusion—emotions are often confused as heart—but emotions are the filtering of heart by thought—so colored light does have energy—

a great practice—if one wishes to see the trickiest false as false, feel and see emotions—this is where the fact of being meets the lie of the person—

a great resolution—shift the intent of the mind’s control from the heart to the mind—see the false as false—the heart, unfiltered, is moving—

it’s not so much the relative is an illusion, but that it’s an impossible position, the holistic seen divided, and thus inevitably violent—

to take one’s stand in the relative is an act of war—not that there's anything wrong with that, but be absolutely clear about the stance—

i am that—standing as awareness—in the world but not of the world

Thursday, January 23, 2014

profisee 43 - thirteen ways of looking at the way

in awareness and
the garden of consciousness—
a phenomenon always involves
an aspect of phenomena
usurping noumenon—
you are the writing on the wall
you are response to your own call—
everything that happens to you
is just a sign there is no you—

most never listen to the said
but interpret it instead
consciousness is all she wrote
fear and loathing in nirvana—
thinking fails to see
what intuition always knows—
there is one and there is all
which are always never two
but there's not a single other—

this aspect of the happening
moving as the moved—
fog like conceptual identity
lifts and the silver waterway is there
as it always is spontaneous open
and never the same river twice—
bask in your own light—
love is the mover
and love is the moved

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

profisee 42 - the truth in a notshell

the answer to the question is
no question—

being is the only fact
but not the truth—

truth is spaceless and timeless
although one can know the false as false—

one can never know the truth
but only be it

Thursday, January 16, 2014

profisee 41 - scare tactics

pray for that frightened child
in futile search of a safe answer—

you can never love another
because love knows there is no other—

sometimes i get a great notion
to jump in the current and be—

to go inside and view the show
from the outside...

Monday, January 13, 2014

fair and balanced one way pseutra

detail from the blue god - salma arastu

from the illusion of two, the only door to absolute zero is the one—

despite scientific claims, one is never truly objective; one is always completely subjective—

objectivity is a conceptual process dividing one into object and objective-subject—

objective subjectivity is an impossible condition leading to a divisional world of want and desire, suffering and violence—

true subjectivity is resting in consciousness; aka i-am, being, unconditional love, the one—

true knowledge, meditation, love and devotion: all variations of pure awareness in one—

the objective-subject is deafeningly removed from reality but reality envelops the silent one

Friday, January 10, 2014

profisee 40 - the way of venus

you can't wake up
for all the words in china—

nothing is substantial
but everything has a point—

if the truth doesn't kill you
then the paradox will—

there are zero degrees of separation
between you and the absolute

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

profisee 39 - an opening

the days i have
nothing to say are
my most telling ones—

the person is like
a cocoon that never was
and i am the butterfly
which never wasn’t

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new year now here nowhere mythopoeic pseutra

the mind-self creates a world-mind according to its own evolutionary rationale, but i’m not this world-mind, despite its sensational attempt to divide & conquer—

the beginning of one’s self-recovery program requires all the energy one is, unclouded by the usual poisons; it’s nothing pious or ethical—

and in the beginning, mistaken identity will return in moments of crisis such as physical trauma or emotional grief, or just general forgetfulness. be patient; nothing lasts—

just as there are material poisons to avoid that sap one's energy, there are conceptual ones as well—religion, politics, ethics, culture, chitchat, or any argumentative condition—

basically, avoid (or, if unavoidable, see through) all poisons (clouds) and embrace (know that you are) one's intelligent aware energetic (the loving sun of satcitananda, so to speak) self—

as the light of awareness seemingly descends
toward the molecular world of the divided material
and then ascends in response to its own loving call
in an evolutionary movement of energy being aware

culminating in the mind’s own sudden understanding
it is now, never not and has forever always been that
timeless light of pure affectionate awareness
(and the universe nothing but a smoldering illusion),

this residue of individual smoke and dream still remaining
is now embodied by my one eternal self of light
mindfully, with full attention, in affectionate awareness,
calling all within that most divided delusional material dream

back to the truth, this undivided light of unconditional self