Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new year now here nowhere mythopoeic pseutra

the mind-self creates a world-mind according to its own evolutionary rationale, but i’m not this world-mind, despite its sensational attempt to divide & conquer—

the beginning of one’s self-recovery program requires all the energy one is, unclouded by the usual poisons; it’s nothing pious or ethical—

and in the beginning, mistaken identity will return in moments of crisis such as physical trauma or emotional grief, or just general forgetfulness. be patient; nothing lasts—

just as there are material poisons to avoid that sap one's energy, there are conceptual ones as well—religion, politics, ethics, culture, chitchat, or any argumentative condition—

basically, avoid (or, if unavoidable, see through) all poisons (clouds) and embrace (know that you are) one's intelligent aware energetic (the loving sun of satcitananda, so to speak) self—

as the light of awareness seemingly descends
toward the molecular world of the divided material
and then ascends in response to its own loving call
in an evolutionary movement of energy being aware

culminating in the mind’s own sudden understanding
it is now, never not and has forever always been that
timeless light of pure affectionate awareness
(and the universe nothing but a smoldering illusion),

this residue of individual smoke and dream still remaining
is now embodied by my one eternal self of light
mindfully, with full attention, in affectionate awareness,
calling all within that most divided delusional material dream

back to the truth, this undivided light of unconditional self

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