Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Switchwork and Earthmaya


There are three toggles when it comes to the switchwork of our states of consciousness: body, mind, and ignorance (avidya).

First, in the state of deep sleep, the mind is turned off (body off, naturally). This is like our vegetative state.

Then there are two dream states in which the mind is turned on for both. One is called dreaming, and the other, ironically, waking—

it’s actually waking as in the body is on; in the first kind of dreaming, called dreaming, the body is off.

All three states occur with avidya turned on. There is a so-called fourth which is not a state of consciousness but pure consciousness itself, the atman. Avidya off.

With avidya off, mind may be off or on. Mind-off is nirvikalpa samadhi. Mind-on is called no-mind, in the mind but not of the mind, enlightenment.


Dreaming is magical thinking. The sun literally rises and sets like our god in heaven.

Waking is in the materialistic vein. The revolution of the earth is cause of night and day!

Awakening is like the sunlight of consciousness—of which earthmaya is made and in which it is appearing.


avidya on, mind off = deep sleep (vegetative)

avidya on, mind on, body off = sleeping dream (sunrise and sunset)

avidya on, mind on, body on = waking dream (earth revolving)

avidya off, mind on, body on = enlightenment (sunlight of consciousness in which earth appears)

avidya off, mind off = nirvikalpa samadhi (black hole of absolute awareness-existence)

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