Saturday, January 27, 2024

Absolutely Sweet Tattvamasi

Resolved, absolute awareness is not cognition although the ordinary person thinks it so.

This is not to say awareness is not the support of all cognition. Awareness is the substrate of all manifestation including mind.

In fact, awareness is the substrate of all three states of ordinary consciousness including that unbelievable one of deep sleep.

This supernatural awareness is beyond all forms of natural awareness. The natural is the mind. The supernatural is beyond the mind.

Astonishing but the actual awareness of both dream states (mind on, body on or off) is the same awareness of deep sleep (mind off).

Thus awareness is not what you ordinarily would think it is. For awareness is beyond the mind, supernatural so to speak.

And one is exactly that absolute awareness. Atman is neither ordinary (natural or unnatural) nor super (god or scientific theory) but tatvamasi.

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