Monday, December 2, 2019

Tightrope Tantra

Look all the world is in the past! Creation can't be recognized until being is cognizant of being being. Ah, remembering this intuition.

Lightning strikes before thundersnow. Self-awareness is experiential. In sciences of self-awareness, consciousness is the immaculate conception.

If memory is the hyphen in self-awareness, being being is this tantric way and not the highway of theological sutra or theoretical science.

Consciousness knows consciousness is the ground of matter. Thus it takes a daring mind to be the tool of being.

August Macke


being being is like the inner wild west of my frontier thesis

again. mind is the tool of love. love is the hand of being. being is the heart of intentional self-awareness. self-awareness is a feature of the absolute godhead parabrahman tao.

psa. climate change is xtreme dreaming. but the buddha abides.

tantra is to deconstruction as being is to belief as being useless useless being

being unknown is not for true believers 

neither last frontier nor new frontier but further

when will this absurd dream actually wake me up?

dance skydancer dance

one love, two love, who shall be my third love

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