Sunday, December 8, 2019

Tantric Seventh

As being is the heart, and love the hand, and mind the mirror of self-awareness. Conditioned consciousness is losing heart. As mind is severing that powerful reverse connection.

As trees are always reaching for the sun. One of the magical laws of this self-reflexive universe. All seventh substages require the presence of the next fundamental stage in order to function. As flowers call for bees.

All dreams are paradoxical in this way. As nighttime doesn't essentially exist. Just a shadow thrown by a world of thought. It's always sunrise somewhere. Awareness never sets. It's only called self-awareness. Seven.


a wave is only painful seen in a photo

fundamentalist materialism believes the opposite of that which is, completely. isn’t big science the greatest of all religions?

pure awareness, awareness, aware, unawareness, consciousness, self-consciousness, self-awareness

memory contains the world but the universe is not a memory. despite what the stars say. it’s not called universal consciousness for nothing.

one, three, and seven are the only laws. number nine, number nine, number nine.

smell and taste encounters sight and sound, but intuition is like that touch of god in creazione di adamo, d’eva. creation is like crazy!

Vicki Baun Barry

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