Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Talking Tantra

One is taught to eat the world but learns to swallow oneself. And after the world is truly digested, everything is shit but love.

For love is not all you need. Love is all you are. Whereas consciousness eats the world just for the love of itself.

And consciousness loving consciousness is the fuel of self-awareness. All the rest is smoke.

(In order for consciousness to love itself, consciousness forgets itself. This forgetfulness is like a dream world.)

The potentiality of pure awareness being self-aware feels like universal consciousness in play. The only emperor is the emperor of clothes.

Whereas consciousness is the nondual expression of the absolute, verbs equal nouns. Being is the unknown and vice versa.

There's no division but religions of thought, east or west. Love is absolute. I am is that. Physicist heal thyself.


Welcome to the self-reflexive world to everyone who enters here. For consciousness sacrifices consciousness in the name of self-awareness. In this way, all is well unless you overthink it. Relax, love survives Venus. 

Memory is a tool of consciousness made for forgetting. According to Munch, consciousness is the sun and the world is the scream. But consciousness is all you know and don’t you forget it. 

For consciousness is nameless and the nameless is god.

Tomas OMaoldomhnaigh

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