Wednesday, August 7, 2019

am 190807wd the postulates of fractal dreaming

Listen, the mind dreams at night. Divine imagination dreams throughout the day. Even universal consciousness is dreaming space-time. Silence, the absolute unknown is dreaming self-awareness.

Psychology deconstructs the night. Spirit manifests the day. Being is the sunlight and pure awareness is the ground. Self-awareness is an evolutionary myth. Spontaneous enlightenment is a direct one.

Don't believe the direct path. Love the gradual one. Never over-think a single thing—belief is a killer doer. Feel free to be or not to be. Non-doing is never drastic with its fractals.

Seventh of August and the sun is setting before eight. Darkness doesn't fool me anymore. From the rim, I've seen the sunrise go on and on from butte to butte in Grand Canyon. I know that golden point of view.

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