Tuesday, August 6, 2019

am 190806tu understanding

All one can do is understand. This understanding is not on the level of the intellect but being. So mind, think love, or rather how love is not within the realm of thought. Neither is wisdom.

As for changes in personality, there’s nothing you can do, for the personal isn’t real. Not that there aren't changes here, for changes indicate the depth of understanding. Being, watch, like a test of understanding. If no changes, there’s likely little to no understanding.

The most common misunderstanding is thinking there's an understanding. So mind, deconstruct yourself further; only abandon the thorn if truly done. Being, stay watching, and love.

The gardens are full of stunning Black-eyed Susans today. Like so many yellow suns emanating in the nameless—O Susan, Susan, lovely dear, my vows shall ever true remain; let me kiss off that falling tear; we only part to meet again.

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