Friday, December 2, 2016

Dark Night of the Serpent

Love is the only cure. All else is placebo. 
Trees are my legs and the sky is my eye. 
Earth is where the heart is. 

No mind Shakti and the dark night of kundalini.
No mind Shakti and the dark night of the serpent.
Staying open as the sky while being grounded as the earth.

As experiential understanding of one's universality
breaks thru personal damming,
galactic waters overflow in disturbing then astounding waves.

Universal consciousness comes with a thermonuclear kundalini kick—
the artificial sweetness of the world is like the taste of steel
reflecting light without a warmth of color.

Body is the earth and spirit is the sky in which the earth is self-contained.
Witnessing is an affectionate attention
and not a discriminating, rational, or cerebral one.

Not mind.
For no mind equals all heart.

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