Saturday, December 24, 2016

Condensing the Dreaming

The dark night of the soul. The dark side of the moon. Conditioned dreaming is the shadow of a lucid vision.

And so dream on John Donne. The only knowledge is being and being is the only dream to know itself.

Spontaneity appears to be random because. No one knows the wild infinity of causes. One can say there is infinity of causes

or one can say there’s causelessness. Narrative becomes created as some causes are selected. Narrative is changed if other causes are selected.

This is called the art of dreaming. To change one’s dream, just drop its causes and assign some other ones. There is no other effort needed.

Lucid dreaming is the love to love without a world of their conditioning.

If dreaming is about which cave of cause has been selected, magic is the art of wild coincidence.

The three dimensions of the third dream.
Love, compassion, and forgiveness.
Christ the middle way negative capability.

In other words, being is the only way of knowing and dreaming is the only way of knowing it.

The special effects of any dream
Depends upon specific causes
One is choosing to assume.

Have faith in oneself.
Choose love.
The greatest special effect is

This dreaming in the third degree: with intent; as creation; in receipt of realization.

In the name of cave-dwellers, deconstructionists, and sky-dancers, oh my!

this self-sampling is from the previous poems: ‘Dream This’ and ‘Welcome to the Hotel Mahamaya’ and ‘I’m Not Nothing Just Because It Isn't Known’ and ‘A 3D Seventh House Spiritual’ and ‘Dreaming Upon a Winter Solstice’ and unaffiliated

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  1. Top tips for getting lucid. by Dr Clare Johnson. When reality checks like asking yourself: 'Am I dreaming?' are carried out in a spirit of adventure and curiosity, they can be a great lucid dreaminduction technique, and a great lucid living practice. When reality checks are carried out with a sense of bored duty, they are useless. dreaming every night